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Ray, M.H., Moaddab, M., & McDannald, M.A. (2021). Distinct threat and valence signals in rat nucleus accumbens core. bioRxiv. [link]

Walker, R.A., Suthard, R., Perison, T., Enabulele, E.K., Ray, M.H., Dileo, A., & McDannald, M.A. (2021). Dorsal raphe 5-HT neurons utilize but do not generate, negative aversive prediction errors. Under Review.

Moaddab, M., Ray, M.H., & McDannald, M.A. (2021). Ventral pallidum neurons dynamically signal relative threat. Communications Biology. [pdf]

Ray, M.H., Russ, A.N., Walker, R. A., & McDannald, M.A. (2020). The nucleus accumbens core is necessary to scale fear to degree of threat. Journal of Neuroscience. Cover Article. [pdf]

Strickland, J.A., Dileo, A.D., Moaddab, M., Ray, M.H., Walker, R.A., Wright, K.W., & McDannald, M.A. (in press). Foot shock facilitates reward seeking in an experience-dependent manner. Behavioural Brain Research.

Ray, M.H., Hite, T., Bright, N., Gallo, M., & Pickens, C.L. (2018). Operant over-responding is more sensitive than reversal learning for revealing behavioral changes after withdrawal from alcohol consumption. Physiology and Behavior. [pdf]

Ray, M. H., Hanlon, E., & McDannald, M. A. (2018). Lateral orbitofrontal cortex partitions mechanisms for fear regulation and alcohol consumption. PLOS One. [pdf]

Walker, R. A., Andreansky, C., Ray, M. H., & McDannald, M. A. (2018). Early adolescent adversity inflates threat estimation in females and promotes alcohol use initiation in both sexes. Behavioral Neuroscience. [pdf]

Moaddab, M., Mangone, E., Ray, M. H., & McDannald, M. A. (2017). Adolescent alcohol drinking renders adult drinking BLA-dependent: BLA hyper-activity as contributor to comorbid alcohol use disorder and anxiety disorders. Brain Sciences. [pdf]

Pickens, C. L., Fisher, H., Bright, N., Gallo, M., Ray, M. H., Anji, A., & Kumari, M. (2016). Prior alcohol consumption does not impair go/no-go discrimination learning, but causes over-responding on go trials, in rats. Behavioural Brain Research. [pdf]

O’Dea, C. J., Miller, S. S., Andres, E. B., Ray, M. H., Till, D. F., & Saucier, D. A. (2015). Out of bounds: factors affecting the perceived offensiveness of racial slurs. Language Sciences. [pdf]

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